Follow-ups to Counter Rhythms Articles

Thank you for reading Counter Rhythms.  Here are follow-up thoughts about a few of the articles. 

Bill Cosby and the Goal of True Comedy
Does a person's imperfections in their personal life discredit their public accomplishments?  I wrote this article before the recent accusations by several women of sexual assault, and had I been aware of those charges at the time then it would have been a very different the article.  Still, I believe that the article accurately portrays Bill Cosby's comedy and his positive influence on American culture.  That being said, those of us who appreciate his artistry must still decide for ourselves the following:  What if there is overwhelming evidence that the charges are accurate (and at this stage that does appear to be the case).  Will we still want to view his performances?  For me the answer will be unequivocal:  No. 

Is not doing the distinguishing characteristics of our age?  There were several interesting comments and emails that seemed to agree with this premise, and several people offered additional insights about about how we have replaced "actual" living with mostly virtual, indirect, and outsourced activities, all the while pretending that our true priorities take precedence.  As a comment, I added a few additional thoughts about the topic.  

I removed three lines about daycare, which had sparked fascinating comments, emails, and conversations with friends (mostly in support) – but distracted from the main focus of the article.  I'm not sure that I should have changed it.
I am totally prejudice when it comes to this topic, but I believe that the very nature of the guitar attracts very creative, original musician/instrumentalists.  As I expected, readers recommended excellent guitarists of whom I was unaware.
The comments and emails to this article confirmed what I already knew, that I have some very math smart readers.  In fact, if there were a math war between Counter Rhythms readers and the readers of almost any other blog, we would win by math massacre.  In the comment section I have posted all the answers, which was easy to do - I simply refer readers to other comments.
An interesting postscript to this article: four different readers informed me that they shared my article with their respective financial planners.  Each planner claimed to agree with my basic premise – except in the case of the actively managed mutual funds that he or she had recommended.  Those funds, of course, were “different.”  Hmmmm.
This was first published in Midstream magazine, which is a scholarly journal.  I have received more emails about this article than any other, except for Remembering Janusz Korczak (see below).   We cannot begin to understand the Arab-Israeli conflict without having some knowledge and understanding of the distortions, obfuscations, and misinformation that accompanies some of the reporting about this complicated situation. 

I still don't understand how articles ricochet around the web. A few big blog sites like Our Jerusalem have picked up this article. Additionally, reprints of this article are available at certain sites for $6, and on Amazon for $9.00 (but you can read it here for free).
Unfortunately, only one of the three songs is still playing on Counter Rhythms.  Since I want to share more music, Counter Rhythms might be switching to a new blog host soon.
I had no idea that so many people from so many countries shared my admiration for Janusz Korczak.  At the bottom of the article I have posted links to other Korczak related sites, including a fantastic photo memorabilia tribute created by Daniel L. Berek.

Counter Rhythms attracts about 1500-page views/month.  Thanks for reading.